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1350 East Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ 85204

Phone: (480) 834-9315
Fax: (480) 844-9866

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LeBaron & Carroll offers a wide array of risk management, insurance and financial products to meet your needs.
Since 1959 LeBaron & Carroll has provided unsurpassed service and care. Our  solutions help you protect your most valuable assets.
Our passion is discovering our clients' needs, providing unparalleled service and unique solutions, and helping them protect more than just their business.
We work with our clients to help them focus on the most critical areas of their business so that they can better manage risks to their company, as well as improve their profitability and success.
If you are unable to reach our office, and you have an emergency,
please call 1-866-808-1321 and someone will assist you.